Saturday, February 28, 2009

Rainy day

Gooood morning folks! Its a rainy day here....and calling for snow..can you believe that? We're just hanging out here at the house....its days like this I constantly look for food. lol

We're working up towards Sydnie's IEP Wednesday, you know how bad we hate those. I pray all goes well.

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Lynn said...

Hi, this is Lynn from the yahoo board. Our daughters are very close and age. I'm not sure what part of charlotte you are in, but would love to discuss things with you. My daughter, Caitlyn, is doing so well and so comprehensive, but I feel the school just doesn't get it. I won't go into everything here, maybe we could chat. Just hearing you talk about the smiley faces and such, we go through the same thing! I love your blog and your girls are so beautiful. I have 2 girls also, although my other daugther is 9 and Caitlyn is 8. Let me know if you would like to chat. You can reach me at 704-516-7730 cell. Thanks! lynn