Sunday, March 29, 2009

Thank you Jesus the sun is shining! Its a little chilly today but thank goodness the sun is shining...only to be followed by another rainy front...*sigh*
Not a whole lot to say today...we're getting ready to head out to a birthday our friends across the street. Darin is picking up ball equipment for the girls tball team...and we need to call the kids on our team today. I think I will leave that to Darin ...I have quite a bit going on haha
Speaking of bdays I talked to the girls to see if they would like to have their bday parties together and they both said yes....ok...hmm what kind do you want to have.....CAMP ROCK! CINDERELLA! Ooook so Im thinking this will be a hard one....I've got to come up with a way to give them both what they want and stillll have them together ...can I pull this off and still get the pictures I want to have? I guess I'll need to rope some friends in to doing that for me huh?
Alright just wanted to check in...I need to get the girls dressed and get the present ready....woohooo
Hey Kass....we're on our way! Happy Birthday Girl!