Sunday, March 8, 2009

A lot going on this weekend

The girls are more sickness in the house....yay!
However it extends to our mother in law has a heart attack Thurs night and Praise God she is doing well....they replaced a stent and she should be coming home today or tomorrow....I talk to my mom on stepdad had a heart cath and that turned out mom however has Shingles and is in a lot of pain...that stuff must be the devil! Sydnie was in a fashion show on Saturday...showing off a beautiful brown dress from Bedazzle...thanks Raj! After grabbing some lunch and preparing to go visit my mother in law... we discover that my husbands cousin has been beat on Friday night early hrs of Sat.....and is at the same hosp.......It appears that he was jumped by 4 guys but supposedly only 2 are completely involved. They have removed all of his tubes today and is slowly letting him wake up....he is not speaking but is nodding and giving the ok sign that he understands what they are saying to him. He has staples in the back of his head....the dr said he has had a major blow to the head and that he will most likely have to learn some things all over again. Please keep him in your prayers.
Still planning on our IEP on Wednesday....please pray that we get this over with and everyone stays well to have this meeting behind us!