Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Buddy Walk!!!

I forgot I didnt tell you about our Buddy Walk Saturday!  Now thats some news!  The Buddy Walk was awesome!  116 teams and over $125,000 was raised!  We had a great time!  The kids ran and played in the bouncy houses etc...made crafts....danced and sang and lets not forget the walk around the pond!  It was a beautiful (hot) day!  We had lots of friends and family come out and join us....smaller group than we usually have due to ballgames and stuff going on on Saturdays...they are just at that age.  We had a great time in spite of missing them being there!  I want to thank each and every one of you for coming out and supporting Sydnie's Soldiers!

It was a Tuesday...

Nothing exciting today except a little bit of laundry...ok a lot and just ran out of detergent...that makes for a bad day with that mess in there!  So here I sit eating a biscuit with Apple Butter and drinking a Mtn Dew.  Something seriously wrong with this picture.  So much to do and well Im sitting here....blogging, or trying to :)
Yesterday was cheerleading for both girls.  No stunts for Saylor so there were no tears and for Sydnie...well she is such a Diva.  She does her thing with as much ooomph as she can put in to it!  She is a riot on stage!  Both of the girls are gearing up for their competition season....so hopefully I can keep you up to date on all that.

Today a Black Hawk Helicopter landed at school...made me think back to Sydnie's flag being flown in an Apache over in Iraq that was amazing!  I will have to see if I can get the video on here that I made of all that.  Stay tuned and maybe I can share some of the crazy antics from around here.