Saturday, January 19, 2008

Finding Time

I am really excited about having somewhere to blog and have a website for the girls all at the same time...its just getting this thing built. Let me see if I can fill you in a bit.

Things here are craaaaazy....we are so busy! Let's start with school...Sydnie is doing great in school...she is working really hard and has really changed since the beginning of school...all for the better. Let me go back for those of you that dont know (since I feel like Im starting a webpage all over again :( Sydnie is in regular 1st grade....right now she has 2 hrs pull out during the day but her work isnt modified at this time...she's doing what everybody else is doing...yay her!!!!
Sydnie is doing some amazing cart wheels! She has been taking dance and gymnastics going on 4 years and FINALLY yes FINALLY her cart wheels look like cart wheels!!! :) I can tell my girl is getting stronger! Last year she recieved Most Improved Ballet.

Now on to Saylor...she is in preschool and has informed us that a little boy named Cameron said she was his girlfriend....ok from my last post...she wanted to quit school...she doesnt anymore thank goodness. No no not because of Cameron I think she realized she could not get a good job if she quit preschool. Saylor has a boyfriend? We shall see about that! haha.....
Need to share something she came in and said to me about two weeks ago...that I have been meaning to put down somewhere.....the girls were out playing and when they came in ....Saylor begins to tell me of the hoptocopto they saw outside. I got tickled and said the what....she said the HOPTOCOPTOR!....I said oh no! Needless to say Im still saying that today....
Saylor comes up with things that would blow your mind and make you look plain stupid. Where does she get that from? mhhmmmmmmm