Friday, October 29, 2010

The life of Sydnie and Chloe

Yes these two are still making us laugh! They have been the best of friends all of their life. There isnt anything that these two wouldnt do for each other. They always worry about the other when they are sick. They always look out for the other. Sometimes Sydnies on her own agenda but you can be sure that Chloe might just remind her what she should be doing.

This year they are in the same class. Can you believe that? Fourth grade and never been in class together! Now let me remind you we never knew how this would go but we have had honestly no problems at all. (that is withSydnie either loving her too much or pestering her lol) All the kids desks sit in 3-4's well here ya go....through out the year they are moved from place to place so they can get to know each other. They didnt start out at the same place but oh my they are in the same group! yikes! Guess what? No problems. Sydnie is growing up on me. Now let me just tell you how much she loves her best friend but thank goodness she knows just how much to love her at the appropriate times. lol As you can tell this blog is just to get back in the swing of its really not about anything in particular....but could be used as a reminder that our kids dont have to be set a part, excluded or anything of the sort. Sydnie is in regular 4th grade with the same spelling words as her class just a few less....math that fits her...and reading like everyone else (whats appropriate for them. But dang it that girl can do some reading!). I have never regretted my decision to keep her fully included (yes with a little resource time but how many more are in and out of class for various things? Plenty.) We are blessed!!!

Cute story one of Sydnies other besties (also at the table of 4 lol) was watching the Jamie Foxx special the other night and learned that his sister had Ds and that she lived with him. Emma asked her mom why. Her mom Sarah explained that sometimes people with Ds live with their parents or other family members and she said well Sydnie can live with me....I'm going to be a vet and will make plenty of money for both of us.  Aww how precious is that?  You know doesnt matter to me what living arrangements Sydnie makes when she's older as long as she is happy.....whether its with me, a friend, alone or with her husband.  No I dont limit her to anything.....the sky is the limit with my girl!

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