Friday, April 10, 2009

My All Star Student

Sydnie got two awards at school today...All Star Student....thats right yes she did...hold the applause dont have to....go for your appreciation for a job well done!!! :) She also received a reading points award! You go girl Mom is so proud of you!!!

Saylor was all ready for her Easter egg hunt today...they'll be having snacks after lunch and their Easter Egg hunt...woohoooo wont we have lots of fun with all those eggs!!!

Sydnie kept asking before we left for school Easter Party Mom? Not really a party, just some cupcakes and stuff at lunch and then you're Egg Hunt....oh cool! off she goes with her basket......

Both the girls were really excited about carrying their baskets to school even though Saylor liked Syds better it was I told her maybe we could find her one (the little plastic ones at Walmart...didnt want to send the baskets we use at Easter that their great grandmother made for them)

So off I go back to the school for lunch, cupcakes, candy and yes both Easter Egg Hunts! Then...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The things they say.....

Conversation this morning...

Saylor: Mom did God make the cows?
Mom: Yes He did.
Saylor: Horses?
Mom: Yes He made all the animals?
Saylor: Pigs? Ducks?
Mom: Yes....
Saylor: I know what Chickens are made of....
Sydnie: NUGGETS!

At this point I lost was hilarious!

Easter is just around the corner!

Yes Easter is this you think Im finished shopping? Umm seems that so many things have come up ...OH MY GOSH....SYDNIE NEEDS WHITE SHOES!!!! Ok I guess I need to think more about this shopping thing than I realized....Ive got some of their things for their baskets but not what I need....ughhhhh This week has been really busy from day to day ...different things every day. Tomorrow is Easter snacks at school and some Easter egg hunts for both the girls....I'll be there all afternoon most likely...eating lunch..hiding eggs...looking for them and taking pics...yay it should be fun!

Some of you are prob wondering how school is going....its going ok...Sydnie is being herself....working hard....and doing things that doesnt necessarily exhibit perfect behavior. We all know how that goes...! I talk to her every day about being good, listening to her teachers, keeping her hands and feet to matter how minor things are...I just dont want there to be a note when she gets home. She had a good day will be sufficient. Especially with no major incidents. She is disappointed when I talk to her about things that happen at school and I explained to her that it is not entirely her fault and that we just needed to contain her thoughts and actions lol....She tells me she's sorry....God love her soul! I am proud of all she accomplishes!!! YOU GO GIRL!

Well Tball practice is tonight.....yay at least its warm...woohooooo

Last but not least.....Sydnie is officially starting practice on April 21 for the first Special Needs Competition Cheerleading team in the county!!! She has been tumbling for a year and finally have 4 members to start out with and I am confident that it will grow in to an Awesome Team!
Pictures will know that! :)

Until next time..........