Friday, April 10, 2009

My All Star Student

Sydnie got two awards at school today...All Star Student....thats right yes she did...hold the applause dont have to....go for your appreciation for a job well done!!! :) She also received a reading points award! You go girl Mom is so proud of you!!!

Saylor was all ready for her Easter egg hunt today...they'll be having snacks after lunch and their Easter Egg hunt...woohoooo wont we have lots of fun with all those eggs!!!

Sydnie kept asking before we left for school Easter Party Mom? Not really a party, just some cupcakes and stuff at lunch and then you're Egg Hunt....oh cool! off she goes with her basket......

Both the girls were really excited about carrying their baskets to school even though Saylor liked Syds better it was I told her maybe we could find her one (the little plastic ones at Walmart...didnt want to send the baskets we use at Easter that their great grandmother made for them)

So off I go back to the school for lunch, cupcakes, candy and yes both Easter Egg Hunts! Then...

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aj said...

CONGRATULATIONS Sydnie!!! way to go smart girl! aj & Janna