Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Some thngs you dont understand

You know there comes times in your life that things happen and you dont understand. There are things that happen and you feel its out of your hands. You try desperately to find ways to fix it but you're not heard. You often feel like you are the only one that sees things clearly and on the other hand you feel like every one sees whats going on but no one knows what to do. There are days you stay all drawn up with anxiety and know this isnt the way it should be every day. Things should go a long smoothly with minimal bumps in the road....but no one said life was easy. Why do these things consume me? Why cant things go through out the day like they should...with things being learned and taught and battles picked.
You start out with your life changing and you have made things in to a world you never expected.....something so much better than you ever thought.....then you run in to a wall over and over again. You try so hard to get around that wall but you seem to only peep through the can see the light but cant break the wall down. So you pray! You pray that God will show you the you in the right direction....and KNOW that he has things in the palm of his hand. God knew this perfect being before you ever layed eyes on such a gift. He will take care of things....cast your fears on HIM.


Maureen said...

How did you read my mind?!!! Wow, I can totally relate to your post.

I just recently found your blog. It's nice to have yet another way to see pictures of Sydnie and Saylor and keep up with your family.

Happy 5th Birthday to Saylor!!!!!

sandsmom said...

Thanks Maureen! Im glad you found us....what is your link?