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March 31, 2009

PLEASE NOTE: Thank you for your interest in spreading the word. Additional information such as how to order t-shirts and get involved can be directed to the Special Olympics email address: SOCollege@specialolympics.org
End the R-Word Day is a day to raise awareness around the world about the hurtful and derogatory nature of the word "retard(ed)." Facebook users can go to Facebook and type in the search box 'Campaign to Ban "R" Word' (this is listed as a cause) and you can also search for 'End the R-Word Day 3.31.09' (this is listed as an event). You can join/RSVP and then keep checking those links for updates. I will also post updates on this blog as I get them and you can click here for an earlier post.
The hubs and I have emailed the contact person below and I'll post an update when I hear back from them. I MUST HAVE a shirt (see the Special Olympics email address below to order as I have no further information about how to get them) and want to see what I as an old lady and Mark as a professor can do to get involved in this youth driven event.
All of us have a role to play in making the world a more accepting place for people with intellectual disabilities.
Take a day to use more accepting language.
Take a day tell your friends to do the same.
Take a day to embrace the humanity of all people.
Take a day to end the R-word.
Spread the Word to End the Word.
End the R-Word Day is a day to collect pledges to acknowledge the hurtful nature of the words "retard(ed)" and to end the casual and pejorative uses of the word.
"This is by no means an effort to ban a word legally but rather by way of societal consensus. That is, we are trying to educate people about the hurtful consequences of the R-word and asking that people, once informed, CHOOSE not to use it. We are not language police. We are educators. After you learn about the effects that the R-word has on people with disabilities and their families, I hope that you will remove it from your vocabulary. In the end, that is all I can ask." Soeren Palumbo
College Students
If you are a college student, you can lead End the R Word Day on your campus. If you are interested in distributing t-shirts, posters, buttons, etc. to raise awareness on your campus, send your name and contact information to Special Olympics College at SOCollege@specialolympics.org
High School Students
If you are in high school, you can hang posters, coordinate a school assembly, wear t-shirts, and pass out buttons and stickers. If you would like to host End the R-Word Day at your school, contact us at SOCollege@specialolympics.org
If you would like to champion End the R Word Day at your school, send an email with your contact information to SOCollege@specialolympics.org and you will be sent more information and an order form to get End the R Word Day t-shirts.

Shirts can be ordered by emailing: SOCollege@specialolympics.org

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