Monday, March 23, 2009

Saylor keeps me thinking....

She has been drawing and making cards this for me and one for daddy. Sweet little cards....her and Sydnie are being so good in the living room being creative....well Saylor walks over to me and asks if when she goes to Heaven could she take Jesus a card...I said sure you can....she said I really wish I could go but you want me to stay here a little longer (past conversation that just about cause me to stroke out). I told her yes I do...and she said but i really want to go to heaven.....mommy how did he get that red stuff in us? Well....Im not sure but he's really smart......yeah mom some of that stuff is ketchup (happen to catch a minute of HOUSE I had to come up with something lol) thats red....and apples are red and blood is red....whew by this time my head is spinning but inside Im giggling that she comes up with this stuff LOL

I am thankful the girls are getting along this evening.

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