Monday, March 23, 2009

The sun is shining!

Hey folks....the sun is shining today and its suppose to be almost 70. That is awesome! I am so ready for warm weather.

The consignment sale this past weekend was a huge success! The girls got lots of goodies and we made some money while we were at it.....the Childrens Ministry made a lot of money for kids camp....we are so proud! You know those consignment sales are a lot of work but so worth it in the end. People love coming out and getting a deal on their kids clothes and making a little cash!

Sydnie had an awesome day on Friday.....5/5 in all of her classes...You go girl! I dont know if you read where they had changed up things a little but there is a sheet that goes with Syd to each of her classes and the teacher fills it out...'was she respectful to her peers', 'her teacher', 'did she stay on task' (this one is sometimes hard but we all know how that is), 'follows directions' etc.....she had a Perfect day....I was sooo excited when I got her sheet and we made such a big deal out of it.

Spelling words this week are some tough ones....bless her soul...haha....this weekend was sooo busy we didnt get to start on them so we'll drill for the next couple of days to get her ready for her practice test on Wed and then drill some more until Fri....say a prayer for her little brain :)
Her hands are looking a lot better.....they were peeling was crazy! I started reading up on it and it looks like to me it may have been from her Strep...I have never heard of this....we're keeping them lotioned up and they are looking me this isnt just dry hands.....Im talking scaling off :)

Saylor is more determined than ever....she is going to be something else....she can be sooo sweet but can back talk like you've never seen a 4 yr old do. haha....we had a little heart to heart yesterday but Im thinking she doesnt much care. Im hoping she'll grow out of this mouthy stage before she hits some teen years.....or better yet by the time she is 5. She's a mess!

One more consignment sale to go ...this one Im just participating in.....but I'll be gone all day on Friday....I'll drop stuff off on Thurs evening, then shop at 2 on Friday.....that'll take a few hrs ...then we'll run and get a bite to eat then be back by 6 to work until 9....the things we do to clothe our kids hahahaaa ok yes consignments are just plain addicting!

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