Thursday, March 19, 2009

Positive Thoughts

I just wanted to check in today....Sydnie and Saylor have had a good week at school.....its been warming up which is always nice.

I just wanted to clarify to anyone that may have read my blog ....
Sydnie's Asst has been a wonderful person to her. My past blogs have been concerning the situation....the notes in her planner etc and my not understanding the meaning of each one or how to handle that with Sydnie and what battles to choose.
Her asst really cares about Sydnie and wants whats best for her. She goes the extra mile to do things FOR Sydnie. She buys things she knows she likes whether it be High School Musical or Hannah Montana. At the end of school last year....she put all these things together ...worksheets and things we could work on over the summer and it was awesome!!! I didnt want any one to think.... which I believe only a handful of out of towners have read this :) ....that it was anything personal with the asst. Ive known her for years and she is a wonderful person and loves Syd very much and that I appreciate!

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Stephanie said...

very nice of you to share and clarify, although I did not read what is in question...

Sometimes professionals(ST, OT, aides, teachers) need to realize though as much as we love them for working with our children it is a professional relationship and they should try not to take any of your concerns or questions too personally. You should be able to share your worries w/o worrying that you are hurting or offending anyone....everything you do is with Syd's best interest at heart. They should know that!

Glad you had a good week! Nice weather makes everything better.