Sunday, March 15, 2009

We have certainly had a busy week. My mother in law was able to come home from the hosp and her heart is dong well. However her back is still giving her a fit ...they will of course put off another back surgery. Mom tells me she is feeling better from her Shingles and it appears she is over the breaking out...yay! Darins cousin Kyle was able to come home but is somewhat confused and has some memory loss. We are praying that he completely recovers from all of this. They have arrested one guy who is responsible and has charged him with assault inflicting serious injury with a deadly weapon with intent to kill. Thats great huh? People are crazy!

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2Grandmas2 said...

Ah, you bring me back. My daughter (Ramona) is 25, so our IEP's are over. Of course, we still have the yearly DDD inquisitions, I mean assessments, as well as assessments done by other agencies. It just never ends, but everyone means well.

Ramona also had heart defects, asd, vsd, dorv, etc. She was repaired at 2 years, and has done well. She is my best buddy, and no one could have a better teacher come into their life.

If you happen by my blog, I write it with a friend. I'm S2 and she is G2 (I know, it is confusing). We started a co-blog when we went on vacation together.